Reap the Benefits of Digital Thermostats

Taking the time to program your thermostat can offer you savings year after year and make getting your energy bill in the mail a little more tolerable. Superior Comfort Systems offers a wide variety of digital and programmable thermostats, so there are plenty of choices available to take advantage of the savings that come with both options. And of course with all Lennox products, you know you’re getting durability and high efficiency.

ComfortSense® 3000

With its big buttons and backlit display, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the ultimate setting for your home. Convenient and not difficult to use, the ComfortSense®3000 offers you the most easy options so that there is less confusion when it comes to programming your thermostat.

  • 5-day/2-day programming allows you to create a customized temperature schedule for weekdays and weekends, allowing up to two times throughout each day
  • Non-programmable model available for basic applications where you don’t need to set up a program
  • Large buttons and backlit display to ensure you can find the right setting all the time
ComfortSense® 3000

Digital thermostats are a simple change with Superior Comfort Systems in Hendersonville. Let us walk you through the next steps and get all of your questions answered. Give us a call at 828-775-5176 or schedule an appointment online with our online scheduler.